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Can I publish anonymously on Leanpub? Is it possible to use a pen name or a pseudonym?
Can I publish anonymously on Leanpub? Is it possible to use a pen name or a pseudonym?

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Can I publish anonymously on Leanpub? Is it possible to use a pen name or a pseudonym?

Yes! To do this, enter your pen name or pseudonym when you create your account.

To be clear, you can choose the name "Anonymous" if you like!

If you have already created a Leanpub account, you can change your name to your pen name on your profile page here:

The name you enter for your account, and your profile image, will be displayed on various Leanpub web pages, including search results, and on landing pages for books, bundles, and courses, and also in social media etc.

If you are publishing under multiple pseudonyms, you should set up a separate Leanpub account for each pseudonym.

Please note that you set the email address where you want your royalties to be sent to (using either Wise or PayPal) on each account. You can use the same Wise or PayPal email address as your royalty payment email address for more than one Leanpub account.

So, this means you can set up multiple pseudonymous accounts on Leanpub (each requiring a unique email address for the Leanpub account), and have your royalty payments from Leanpub sent to a single Wise or PayPal account. (Please note, however, that these payments will be made as separate payments; you can not "roll them up" into a single royalty payment.)

Once you create your Leanpub account, you will be able to configure your royalties settings here:

Please note as well that you are not permitted to impersonate anyone, or to use a stock photo of a person as your profile image.

OK, that's it!

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