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A quick hack for overriding paragraph indentation on individual paragraphs
A quick hack for overriding paragraph indentation on individual paragraphs

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Leanpub books have some "global" formatting settings that apply to the whole book.

You can find these settings on your book's Theme page.

The Default Indent Settings on a New Book

When you create a new book on Leanpub, by default the Theme's indent settings are:

"No indent, small vertical space between paragraphs"

With this setting, here is what a page will look like the PDF:

Changing the Global Book Theme Setting to Indent Paragraphs

If you select a "Custom" book Theme, you can change this setting to;

"Indent first line of paragraphs (does not apply to the first paragraph in a section)"

You can also get this setting if you choose the "Fiction" theme.

Here's what that will look like in the PDF, with the indented paragraphs:

Overriding the Indent Setting on Individual Paragraphs

Sometimes you may decide you don't want one of your paragraphs to be indented.

In the Markua specification, we have a section on Paragraph Continuations where we explain how you can do this.

Don't worry about all the technical stuff (unless you want to, of course!).

To stop a paragraph from being indented, WHEN THIS FEATURE IS IMPLEMENTED, all you'll have to do is type a caret ^ above the paragraph, like this:

However, that feature of Markua hasn't been implemented on Leanpub yet, so read on to learn about a hack you can use to accomplish this anyway!

A Workaround Hack to Stop a Paragraph from Being Indented in a Leanpub Book

Here's a horrible hack for you to make it work:

Copy and paste the Unicode U+2009 thin space character above the paragraph you don't want indented.

You can copy and paste the Unicode U+2009 character if you copy the character between the two underscores below:


Yes, there's a little invisible character there, that you can copy and paste into your text!

In this example, we've copied and pasted the character into our text. We've also selected it, so you can see where it is, in blue:

As you can see in the example below, the paragraph will no longer be indented, though it will have a blank line above it now, caused by that invisible character:

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