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What is Leanpub's CourseAI service?
What is Leanpub's CourseAI service?

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With Leanpub's CourseAI service, you provide us with a book manuscript, and we create an online course from it!

When you publish a course on Leanpub, you'll earn 80% royalties from every sale, just like you do from a Leanpub book.

Typically we will convert an existing Leanpub book, written in Markua, into a course for you.

(Markua is Leanpub's "Markdown for books". If you've never heard of Markdown, you may enjoy this article that explains Markua from a newcomer's perspective.)

However, even if you don't have a book published on Leanpub and already written in Markua, you can use our Book Conversion service to convert your book into Markua, and then use our CourseAI service to create a course for you.

Here are some of the details of the CourseAI service:

  • You can buy the service here

  • If you have already published a book on Leanpub, you may be able to buy it using unpaid royalties; for more information on how to do that, please see this article

  • CourseAI is typically available as a Leanpub Author Service for books which are published on Leanpub and are 100% complete & written in Markua, but we can also convert your book to Markua for you with our Book Conversion service

  • Pick the book you want us to produce a course from

  • Leanpub will preview your existing book to ensure it works and that there are no EPUBCheck errors

  • Leanpub will create a new GitHub repo for the CourseAI course

  • Leanpub will use GPT-4 to produce a course based on your book manuscript with quizzes and exercises (all multiple choice), automated marking and a certificate of completion upon successful completion

  • The content of the CourseAI course will be the entire book manuscript with the quizzes and exercises added into it at the appropriate places

  • Leanpub will ensure course functionality by publishing a test version of the course, making a free purchase of it, and completing the full course as a student

  • $349 per course

  • Since Leanpub pays 80% royalties, if you price your course at $129, you earn $103.20 per copy. So, if you sell 10 copies of the course at that price, this pays for the cost of the course production!

Here's an example of a Leanpub course (which you can get for free):

That course wasn't created from the CourseAI process, but it should give you a good sense of what Leanpub courses are like!

You can purchase Leanpub Author Services, including CourseAI and the Book Conversion service, on the Leanpub Author Services page here.

For some more details, please see this post on the Leanpub Authors forum:

Please note that both of these processes can actually be done self-serve, if you don't want to pay us to do things for you! The best way to convert an EPUB file into Markua. for example, is to use a tool called Pandoc to convert it into Markdown. And from there, you'd just add the relevant Markua things, since Markua is built on top of Markdown.

In terms of creating the course, here's a video showing how you can do this yourself, in Leanpub's Browser writing mode:

You can find walkthroughs for creating a course using GitHub or Dropbox here.

And finally, here is the relevant section from the Markua manual for making courses:

OK, that's it!

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