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My code samples are getting line-wrapped with backslashes. What can I do?
My code samples are getting line-wrapped with backslashes. What can I do?

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If a line of code is too long, Leanpub's book generators will automatically line-wrap the line of code, adding a backslash "continuation character" where the line of code is being broken.

Here's an article on this topic:

The best thing to do before manually adjusting your code lines, so you decide where the line wrapping happens, is to try changing the "global" settings on your book, to see if that fixes the problem.

First, try changing your Book Theme to the "Technical" theme, which increases the PDF page size from the default Nonfiction Book Theme that is used for new Leanpub books.

You can learn more about changing your Book Theme here:

Second, choose the "Custom" Book Theme and try making the Font size smaller:

In the Custom Theme, you can also try changing the Code Font:

OK, that's it!

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