Long content in backticks (e.g. Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty) can lead to text overflowing into the right margin.

This is a nasty bug that pops up on rare occasions when a long code span containing no whitespace appears near the end of a line. We currently are not sure of how to fix it.

In terms of workarounds, there's a straightforward one: add a line break (not new paragraph) first.

The way you do this varies based on the Markdown dialect you are using to write your book.

If you are using Leanpub Flavoured Markdown, which is currently the default, here's what you do:

At the end of a line, add two spaces, then a single newline.

If you are using Markua, here's what you do:

At the end of a line, add a single newline.

By the way, the differences in newline handling in Markua are discussed here:


To see what Markdown dialect you're using, or to change between Leanpub Flavoured Markdown and Markua, go to:


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