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Can I create coupons for my books, bundles, or courses, to give them away for free or at a discount, as part of a promotion?
Can I create coupons for my books, bundles, or courses, to give them away for free or at a discount, as part of a promotion?

How do I create a coupon?

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Yes! Doing promotions where you give away your book, bundle, or course for free or at a discount is an important part of marketing your work.

Our coupons feature lets you create coupon links, taking readers to a dedicated page where they can buy the book, bundle, or course at the discounted price you have set for the coupon.

Explainer Video

Leanpub author Daniel Scheufler created a great Explainer video on this topic (thanks Daniel!), which you can watch here:

Finding the Coupons Page

To create coupons, go to your "Coupons" page here:

...making sure to replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique web address.

You can also find a link to the Coupons page on your Overview page:

Creating a Coupon

To create a new coupon, on the Coupons page, click the "New Coupon" button:

You will then see a "New Coupon" page, like this:

First, you may want to add a custom "slug" to the coupon link. We will suggest one automatically for you, like this:

However, we recommend you create your own coupon slug, for example like this:

Next, you can set various parameters for the coupons you create, including:

  • Coupon price

  • Maximum number of uses

  • Start date and end date

When you've set your coupon parameters, scroll down and click "Create Coupon"

You will now see the coupon details listed on your Coupons page:

Distributing Your Coupon

You will be distributing your coupon to people in the form of a link.

To get your coupon link, click "Copy"

The link will be something like this, depending on the slug you chose:

You can now share that coupon link with anyone you like via email or social media, or to a conference organizer with whom you've arranged a discount promotion, just to pick a few examples.

Anyone you give a coupon link to can use it to buy the book, bundle, or course at the discounted coupon price. If you set the coupon price to zero, they can get the product for free. (If you're approaching reviewers, free discount coupons are the way to go!)

Anyone who clicks the link will be taken to the coupon page, where they will see the special coupon price, set against the normal Suggested Price:

What Happens if a Coupon Has Expired or Has Been Fully Used?

Please not that if a coupon link becomes invalid, for example if it has expired, or it has reached its maximum uses, anyone who clicks the coupon link will just go to the normal landing page for your book, bundle, or course in the Leanpub store, with the normal Minimum and Suggested prices.

Good luck! Creating coupon discount sales is a very powerful marketing tool, and it's something we recommend you consider doing regularly.

Finally, if you're looking for tips on how you can use more Leanpub features to increase your sales and grow your audience, please see this article!

If you have any questions or thoughts on writing and self-publishing with Leanpub, please join our global community of authors in our Authors Forum here!

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