Yes! Doing promotions where you give away your book, bundle, or course for free or at a discount is an important part of marketing your work.

Our coupons feature lets you create coupon links, taking readers to a dedicated page where they can buy the book, bundle, or course at the discounted price you have set for the coupon.

To create coupons, go here in the Leanpub menu:

Author > Books > [Your Book] > Store > Coupons

Author > Bundles > [Click Edit Next to Your Bundle] > Store > Coupons

Author > Courses > [Your Course] > Store > Coupons

Click the "New Coupon" button:

First, you'll want to add a custom "slug" to the coupon link. We will suggest one for you, like this:

However, we recommend you create your own coupon slug, for example like this:

Next, you can set various parameters for the coupons you create, including coupon price, maximum number of uses, start date and end date.

Anyone you give a coupon link to can use it to buy the book, bundle, or course at the discounted coupon price. If you set the coupon price to zero, they can get the book, bundle, or course for free, like a review copy.

Please note that our start dates and end dates are set to the UTC time zone. If you are planning a sale, for example, from March 12 to March 14, we recommend you set the start date to March 11 and the end date to March 15.

When you're ready, click the blue "Create Coupon" button at the bottom of the page:

If the dates you set mean the coupon is currently valid, you will see it in the list of "Valid Coupons":

To get the coupon link, click the blue "Copy" link under "Copy to Clipboard":

Now, you can paste the link into an email, a tweet, or anywhere you like. Anyone who clicks the link will be taken to the coupon page, where they will see the special coupon price, set against the normal Suggested Price:

(This is an example of a coupon where we've set the coupon price to free, something you might want to do for various reasons; free promotions are a big deal in the self-publishing world. But the coupon price doesn't have to be free! The coupon price you choose can be free, or anywhere from $4.99 to $499.00).

Please not that if the coupon link is invalid, for example if it has expired, or it has reached its maximum uses, anyone who clicks the coupon link will just go to the normal landing page for your book, bundle, or course in the Leanpub store, with the normal Minimum and Suggested prices.

Good luck! Creating coupon discount sales is something we recommend you should consider doing regularly.

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