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How can I share my royalties with a cause?
How can I share my royalties with a cause?

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We have a program called "Leanpub for Causes" that lets Leanpub authors share royalties with non-profits and charities that register for the program.

Here is a page with some details about the Leanpub for Causes program:

If you would like to ask a cause to join the Leanpub for Causes program, please direct them to that page, and ask them to click the button to apply. Thank you!

Opting In to Share Royalties with a Cause

As a Leanpub author, if you have published a book on our bookstore, you can opt in to share some or all of the royalties you earn from supportive readers with a cause of your choice, by going here:

...making sure to replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique web address.

You can also find a link to this page in the "Store" section of the Overview page for your book here:

Here's what the page looks like:

To select a cause, select the "CAUSE" dropdown, and select a cause:

Next, select the "YOUR ROYALTY % GIVEN TO CAUSE" dropdown, and select the percentage of you royalties you would like to share with a cause:

Finally, click the "Update Cause" button:

How Does This Work?

When you share royalties with a cause, it's like you're sharing them with a co-author.

Sharing royalties with a cause is not a donation. When a cause registers for the Leanpub for Causes program, they explicitly accept that they are accepting payments as royalty payments, not donations.

The cause will then receive royalty payments just like you do as an author.

You can stop supporting a cause at any time, and you can increase or decrease the proportion of your royalties you want to share with the cause any time, but please note that no changes are applied retroactively.

OK, that's it!

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