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What currently works in Markua 0.30?
What currently works in Markua 0.30?

Here's what works in the Markua 0.30 beta...

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What currently works in Markua 0.30?

The Markua 0.30 Specification is being implemented on Leanpub.

See this post in the Leanpub Author Forum for more information.

Our Markua 0.30 support is not just an upgrade; it is a huge overhaul of our book generation code. So, some things which have worked for the better part of the past decade may not work in Markua 0.30 books yet!

Please note that we are leaving Leanpub Flavoured Markdown and Markua 0.10 books unchanged. The Markua 0.30 work is being done totally separate from the Leanpub Flavoured Markdown and Markua 0.10 support. Any bugs with our Markua 0.30 support will only affect Markua 0.30 books.
If you did not set your book to use Markua 0.30, this has no effect on you!

What's implemented?

Below is a list of features that have been tested to at least partially work:
Note that the tests done were not entirely thorough, but rather just tested basic functionality...

  • Basic PDF and EPUB generation

  • Image, code, math, table, resources for PDF and EPUB in Monaco, Github, and Dropbox

  • Verso page content

  • Title page images

  • Document settings, attributes, and directives (at a parsing level)

  • Frontmatter, mainmatter, and backmatter

  • Thematic breaks

  • Headings (setext, ATX, and part headings)

  • Code blocks

  • Raw HTML is removed

  • Paragraphs

  • Link reference definitions

  • Blank lines

  • Tables

  • Blockquotes, asides, and blurbs

  • Bulleted and numbered lists

  • Definition lists

  • Footnotes and endnotes (But both act the exact same in EPUB currently)

  • Links

  • Crosslinks and ids

  • Soft and hard line breaks

  • Configurable soft line breaks

  • Span attribute lists

  • Concatenating files and blank lines

  • Textual content

  • Index entries for PDF

Coming Soon

Usability Issues

  • If you want to enable the configurable soft line break support, what you currently do is you choose a Custom theme and use the setting about how to interpret single newlines. This is actually a bug: we should have had it as a generation setting. So, at some point that setting will move to the Settings > Generation Settings page.

Not Implemented Yet

Below is a list of features that have been found to not work:

  • Smart crosslinks

  • Insertion directives in EPUB

  • Course support

  • Most attributes for resources

  • Audio resources

  • Video resources

  • Poetry resources

  • GIF resources break generation

  • Paragraph continuations (paragraph attribute)

  • List attributes

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