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Business Information About Leanpub

What's your address? What's your incorporation number? What's your GST number? What's your VAT number, your DUNS number, or your EIN number?

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Leanpub is owned and operated by Ruboss Technology Corporation.

Ruboss is a company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.

Ruboss's office address is:

Ruboss Technology Corporation
1321 Blanshard Street
Suite 301
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
V8W 0B6

Ruboss's incorporation number is BC0792951.

Ruboss's GST number is 845146190RT0001.

Ruboss's VAT identification number is EU372002581.

(Ruboss is based in Canada, but the EU has decided that all merchants need to charge VAT to EU customers.  We have registered to charge and remit VAT under the VAT OSS program.)

Ruboss's Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number is 246773704.

Our main contact email address is

Our Terms of Service can be found here:

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