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The Leanpub FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Leanpub

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How do I buy a Leanpub book?

What payment methods are accepted by Leanpub?

Where can I download a book or access a course I've purchased?

How can I get a purchase receipt/invoice that includes my company information?

How can I contact a Leanpub author?

What ebook formats do Leanpub books come in?

How can I get a refund for a book or course purchase?

Why are the prices for all Leanpub books and courses all set in US dollars?

I'm trying to make a purchase and I am seeing the message "Transaction refused due to risk model". What can I do?

How can I merge two separate accounts?

How do I upgrade my author account to a Standard or Pro plan?

How should Leanpub authors report issues?

Can you give me some tips for how to succeed as a self-published author on Leanpub?

Is there DRM on Leanpub ebooks?

If I can't find an answer to my question in this Help Center, what should I do?

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