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Why doesn't Leanpub erase users' Personal Data when they receive a request to do so from a third-party service?
Why doesn't Leanpub erase users' Personal Data when they receive a request to do so from a third-party service?
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In response to growing civic awareness about issues regarding data privacy and ownership online (which is a very positive development), some people have developed third-party services that promise to contact companies on your behalf to erase your Personal Data.

[Please note that we have an easy-to-use self-serve feature for deleting a Leanpub account:]

We do not reply to requests of this nature, precisely to protect your data privacy and ownership rights.

If such a request includes the email address of someone on whose behalf the third-party service claims to be making the request, we may send the following email to the email address, which will be bcc'd on the email from the account:



[Action Possibly Required] We have received a request from a Third Party to erase Personal Data on Leanpub



We're emailing you as a courtesy in response to a request we have received from a third party to erase Personal Data associated with your email address on Leanpub.

If you’ve never heard of Leanpub, if you don’t have a Leanpub account, or if you’re perfectly happy with your Leanpub account, you can safely ignore and delete this email!

Also, please note that because we have had no direct contact from your email address, we have taken no action in response to this request other than sending this email to you.

Anyway, we have bcc'd you on this email because Leanpub has been contacted by a Third-Party Service with a request to erase any Personal Data we may be holding that belongs to the owner of your email address.

To be clear:

1. We have not checked to see if there is a Leanpub User Account associated with this email address.
2. We do not and will not discuss Leanpub User Account data with Third-Party Services who initiate such requests. We consider such data to be private.
3. We do not reply to emails from Third-Party Services about these matters.
4. We have not done anything and will not do anything to any Leanpub User Account because of an email we have received from a Third-Party Service.

The reason that we are emailing you is as a courtesy. Since we have received this email from a Third-Party Service, we have reason to believe the following may be true:

1. You may think that you have a Leanpub User Account.
2. You may think that this email address is the email address of your Leanpub User Account.
3. You may wish for Leanpub to close your Leanpub User Account and erase the personal data associated with your Leanpub User Account.
4. You may think that by using this Third-Party Service you have accomplished this.

Now, you can ignore this email if any of the following are true:

1. You do not have a Leanpub User Account.
2. You did not initiate this request using a Third-Party Service.
3. You do have a Leanpub User Account, but you do not want us to close your account or erase your Personal Data after all.

However, if you are a Leanpub user, and you do want us to close your account or do anything to your Personal Data, there are two ways that you can proceed:

1. You can email with a request of this kind, from the email address associated with your Leanpub account. Your request should indicate that you wish for us to close your account and to erase your personal data.
2. You can sign in to your Leanpub account and use our self-serve feature to do this yourself.

To sign in to Leanpub, you go here:

If you need to reset your password to sign in, you can do that here:

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Office of the Leanpub Data Protection Officer

PS Please note that Leanpub does not sell any Personal Data, and has never sold any Personal Data.

PPS If you want to learn more about our policy regarding requests of this kind from Third-Party Services, please read this article from our Help Center:

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