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How and when do you pay royalties?
How and when do you pay royalties?

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How and when do you pay royalties?

Authors earn 80% royalties when they self-publish their books and online courses on Leanpub!

Royalties are typically paid on the seventh day of each month via Wise or PayPal.

(We used to pay royalties on the first day of each month, but we changed it to the seventh day of each month starting with the July 2024 royalty payment. Learn why in this article which also shows the exact schedule for the rest of 2024.)

By default, new author signups are set to receive royalty payments via Wise, but you can switch to PayPal if you like.

Once you've created a book or course on Leanpub, you can change your royalties settings page here:

For information on receiving your Leanpub royalty payments via Wise, please see this article. (Basically, you can set up a Wise account in advance on their website here, or you can set up a Wise account when we send you your first Wise royalty payment.)

To receive payment via PayPal, you will need to set up a PayPal account, which is free. When you create a Leanpub account, if you don't set a special PayPal email address, we automatically try to send the payment via PayPal to the email address you use for your Leanpub account. You can set a separate email address for PayPal royalty payments on your royalties settings page here.

Because of our 'Happiness Guarantee', which allows readers to claim a refund for 60 days after their purchase, there is also a 60-day 'hold period' applied to the royalties associated with any sale. Once the royalties related to a purchase are past the 60-day 'hold period', then those royalties will be paid out at the beginning of the next month.

So, for a purchase made on May 16, the 60-day hold period will expire on July 15, and the royalties for that purchase will be paid on August 7.

The minimum amount for a royalty payment to you can be set here under “Minimum Royalty Payout Amount”. The minimum payment we will do is $20 for PayPal and $100 for Wise, but a lot of authors set it to a much higher amount, based on their preference.

The royalties summary for your account can be found here:

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