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UPDATE: We've released a whole new version of our in-browser editor, and so this article needs to be updated. We'll get to it soon, but in the meantime, our new editor should be intuitive enough to get you started!

You can write a Leanpub book using the In-Browser Plain Text Editor writing mode. In this section we'll show you how to create a book and generate your first preview.

Once you have successfully generated your first preview, you'll know everything you know to get started writing in the In-Browser Plain Text Editor writing mode.

You'll find more information and detailed instructions on the "Getting Started" page for your book, which you'll go to automatically when you create your book.

Creating a Book in In-Browser Plain Text Editor Writing Mode

Go to https://leanpub.com/create/book to create a book in In-Browser Plain Text Editor.

Next, type a title for your book into the "TITLE" box. You can change your title later.

Click in the "BOOK URL" box. Leanpub will automatically suggest a URL for your book's web page on Leanpub. You can change this URL at any time.

Scroll down and you will see "MAIN LANGUAGE USED IN YOUR BOOK." You can select a language from the drop-down. Like the other settings, you can change this at any time.

Scroll down and you will see the "BOOK THEME" options. "Business" will be selected by default. The Book Theme is just a set of standard formatting options conventional for books on these subjects. You are not required to choose any particular option. You can change your Book Theme at any time.

When you scroll down, you will see the subscription plan options. By default, "Standard" will be selected, if you are setting up your first book in Leanpub.

Select a plan.

Scroll down and, if you are not signed in to a Leanpub account, you will see an option to enter information to create a new account. You will also see an option to sign in, if you already have a Leanpub account.

To create a new account, fill in the relevant information.

If you selected a monthly account, you'll see a form for entering your payment information:

Finally, scroll down and click the blue button to finish creating your new In-Browser Plain Text Editor book.

[PLEASE NOTE: the rest of this tutorial needs to be updated, because we've completely redesigned how you write in this writing mode! It's way better now - give it a try!]

You will now see that you are on the Getting Started page for your book.

If you use bookmarks in your web browser, we recommend you bookmark this page in your web browser in a bookmark folder for your book, but this is not required.

Look at the Book Tools "breadcrumb" menu at the top of the screen. This is how you will navigate to the web pages you will be using in Leanpub to work on your book and see all the features we provide, like uploading a book cover, or setting a price for your book.

When you are finished this tutorial, we recommend you explore the various Book Tools options.

Creating a Preview

Click on "Getting Started" at the top, and you will see your the Book Tools menu. It will look something like this:

Click on "Preview or Publish" under the "Book Info" column, and you will see something like this:

Select "Preview' in the column to the right, and you will go to the "Preview" page for your book:

Click the "Create Preview" button. You will go to a page like this, where you will see a progress bar at the top:

When the preview process is complete, you will see download links for the preview, in a variety of formats:

Click on the links to see what your book looks like in the various formats.

Where You Write Your Book

To see where you write your book, click on "Download Preview" in the menu at the top of the page:

To go to the "Write" page for your book, on "Write" at the bottom of the second column from the right:

Select "chapter1.txt" in the menu at the left to see some of the default content we provide when you create a new book.

This is where you write your book, by creating chapters in the menu to the left, clicking on them, and then writing in the browser.

Writing in Your Book

In this step of the tutorial we will show you how to write in your book and how to add and delete chapters.

When you are in the Write tab, you will see a menu of files at the top left.

You will see that we have provided three default chapters:


First, let's delete a chapter. Hover your mouse over `chapter3.txt` and click on the black X that you will see. This will delete the chapter. (It may take a moment for the page to update.)

Next, let's create a new chapter.

In the menu on the left, click on the + sign in the circle.

Then, in the box that says "Type a filename..", type:


Finally, click on the blue "Create" button.

The menu at the top left will now show this list of files:


Now, you will see a blinking cursor in the Write tab. Type the following:

# Conclusion

This book is **done** and ready for *the world to see*, hooray!

Go back to the preview page for your book at:

`Author > Books > [Your Book Title] > Preview or Publish > Preview`

The next time you create a preview, it will reflect the changes you have made.

**Congratulations!** You've completed the Getting Started tutorial for writing a book in Leanpub using our In-Browser Plain Text Editor.

Next Steps

Next, we recommend you explore the Overview page for your book:

`Author > Books > [Your Book Title] > Book Info > Overview`

On the Overview page, you can see all the pages you need to get your book set up on Leanpub, like "Upload Book Cover" and the "Book Details" page, where you can explain what your book is about to potential readers.

If you have any questions or can't find anything, please search our Help Center for authors here: [http://help.leanpub.com/author-help](http://help.leanpub.com/author-help).

Happy writing!

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