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We're releasing a huge redesign of Leanpub that we're really proud of, and that we hope will make Leanpub easier to use for all of our authors and readers!

In this article, our goal is to help introduce authors to the redesign, and explain where they can go to find their books and courses, and all the other pages they're used to using to help write, publish, and sell their content on Leanpub.

(As with all new things, there will probably be some mistakes or rough edges. If you find any issues, please post about them on our Authors Forum here, or, if you prefer, please email us with a screenshot and a brief explanation at hello@leanpub.com.)

First of all, the main way authors typically navigate to where they work on a book or course has not changed. Just go to the landing page for any of your books or courses, and click the blue "Edit" button, which you will see if you are signed in to your Leanpub account:

This will take you to the new Overview page for your book, which we will discuss in more detail later in this article:

We recommend you bookmark this page in your browser. It shows you all the features and settings pages for your book, along with links to a new Help section.

Now, on to explaining what else has changed!

On the subject of navigating around the Leanpub website, the main difference is that there is just one main menu, accessible at the top right of every Leanpub page:

Here's what the menu looks like:

On the right is a set of "Useful Links" that should help you get to some popular pages quickly.

On the left is a set of menu sections. The main ones are "Account", "Author", "Library", "Purchases", "Store", and "Support". (Most authors won't see the "Company" or "University" options.)

To navigate to your books and courses, click on "Author":

This will display the Author sections of Leanpub:

Now, select the the option you're looking for. For example, if you want to see your books, select "Books":

This will take you to a dashboard where you can find all of your books:

By default, your Published books are selected, but you can select other books in the vertical menu at the left:

You can also use the horizontal menu at the top to navigate to other parts of the Author section on Leanpub:

You can navigate to your book's administrative features and settings section by clicking on it:

Clicking on the book will take you to the Overview page we mentioned earlier in this article, with links to all the things:

Many pages have been grouped under different categories than previously. For example, the pages where you go to preview and publish new versions of your book are now under the "Versions" category, which you can select from the menu at the top:

The "Settings" category groups a lot of different options in one place:

For example, to change your book's title or to add a subtitle, you can go to the "Details" page under the "Settings" category:

Hopefully this short introduction to the redesign has been helpful!

We will be updating all our Help Center articles and videos in the coming weeks to reflect the new design. If there is any particular article you would like us to update, please let us know by posting about it on the Authors Forum or by emailing the team at hello@leanpub.com.

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