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The {pagebreak} directive currently has no effect when you read a book in the browser
The {pagebreak} directive currently has no effect when you read a book in the browser

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In Markua, you can create pagebreaks by using typing the pagebreak directive on a line by itself, with nothing on the lines above or below it, like this:


That will create a page break in the PDF and in the EPUB file.

However, currently this does not work if you view the book on Leanpub, in your browser.

So, for example, this manuscript:

# Testing Pagebreaks

The quick brown fox just left the dog alone.


The dog was very grateful and enjoyed the rest of his nap.


Then the fox decided to have a nap too.

...would look like this in the EPUB file (the first two pages, in Apple Books, in dark mode):

...but it would look like this if you click the link to view the book in your browser:

This is a known issue and has been added to our queue.

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