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What is a "Community Edition" of a Leanpub book?
What is a "Community Edition" of a Leanpub book?

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What is a "Community Edition" of  a Leanpub book?

A Community Edition is a version of Leanpub book that includes a portion of the book, that the author is offering to readers for free, in exchange for you sharing your email address with them.

This is a very common marketing practice for independent content creators: offering people something of genuine value to them for free, in exchange for their permission (to the content creator) to add their email address to a mailing list or newsletter, or something like that.

Many people have asked us to provide authors with this popular marketing tool, and we're proud to finally have it available as a tool for authors to reach more readers and expand their audience, and give people more free resources!

If a book has a Community Edition available, you'll see a button to click on the book landing page like this:

Supervised Machine Learning - Linear Regression - Community Edition

If you would like to contact a Leanpub author to ask them to create a Community Edition of their book, here are the instructions:

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