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Why does Leanpub have pages for books that are "retired" and no longer for sale?
Why does Leanpub have pages for books that are "retired" and no longer for sale?
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Occasionally on Leanpub, you may discover a book that is "Retired". Here's a brief explanation for why we do this:

Leanpub is a self-publishing platform, and our authors are in control of their content.

Sometimes they publish a book on Leanpub, and then later it may get picked up by a conventional publisher, or they may decide to publish it elsewhere.

In cases like that, they will want the book page on Leanpub to tell interested readers what happened to the book, if someone follows an old link to the page, or if they know they can search for the author on Leanpub.

Sometimes authors also come back and un-retire the book, so it is for sale again, for example of they try publishing on another site, and realize they were reaching more people through Leanpub.

OK, that's it!

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