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Troubleshooting Using External Links for Images
Troubleshooting Using External Links for Images

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In Markua, you can insert images into your book or course using external links, like this:

![A Piece of Cake](

(That link doesn't actually go anywhere, it's just an example!)

Please note that not all external links will work. You need to test each link to see if it works.

Also, if you're uploading images to a third-party service, you need to make sure the settings let anyone read the image.

Specifically, we have noted that shared links from images uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox DO NOT WORK, no matter what the access settings are on the image actually are.

Even so, it may still not work, because some services will block our book or course generators from accessing the image.

That's one reason why we strongly recommend you use "local" images, i.e. images you have added this way if you're writing in the In-Browser Text Editor writing mode, or images you have added to the resources folder if you're using our GitHub or Dropbox writing modes.

If you are writing in our GitHub or Dropbox writing modes, all you need to do is put a copy of the image in your resources folder in your book's manuscript folder, and then use the filename, like this:

![A Piece of Cake](cake.jpg)

If you're linking to an external image hosted by a some website, it can just disappear, or even potentially be changed without your knowing.

Finally, please note that of course you need to have the proper permission to use any image, whether you're linking to it, or if you're using a stored copy.

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