To add an image to a book when you are using our in-browser text editor, please follow these steps:

Go the Write page for your book:

...making sure you replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique web address.

Here's what this looks like in a new book:

Next, click on the "Resources" tab at the top:

Now, click on the plus sign:

Click "Choose File":

Next, select an image file. How this looks will depend on the device you are using.

Once you have selected an image, click the "Add" button:

Next, hover your mouse over the filename in the menu at the left, and click on the clipboard icon:

This will copy the text you need to add to your manuscript to your device's clipboard.

Clicking the icon will also take you back to your manuscript:

Select a chapter and paste in the text from your clipboard, which will look something like this:

You can also just type the path to the image into your manuscript. Here is what it looks like:


...where you replace "filename" with your file's name, and "extension" with the file type, e.g. .jpg or .png.

When you create your next preview, you will see the image in your book:

Please note you can also add a caption to your image by putting it in between the square parentheses [], like this:


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