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What to Do if You Get a "Verify your Kindle document" Message, and Updating Leanpub if You Edit Your Kindle Email on Amazon
What to Do if You Get a "Verify your Kindle document" Message, and Updating Leanpub if You Edit Your Kindle Email on Amazon

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Recently Amazon has introduced new security measures to protect Kindle users.

If you try to send a Leanpub ebook to Kindle, you may get an email with the subject "Verify your Kindle document" from Amazon Kindle Support <> with a message like this:


We received a request to send the following document to your Kindle account:


Click below within 48 hours to verify this request.

Verify Request

Thank you for reading with Kindle!

Why did I receive this email?

Kindle takes your account security seriously. To help ensure you only receive documents from sources you trust, Kindle has added an extra layer of protection to your account. Learn more.

Prefer to skip the verification step next time?

Edit your Send to Kindle email address (YOUR_KINDLE_EMAIL_ADDRESS) by visiting your Preferences in Manage Your Content and Devices. After editing, be sure to notify your approved senders to ensure uninterrupted delivery of your documents and newsletters.

You need to click the "Verify Request" button to send the book to Kindle.

As they say in the email, if you want to skip this verification step when you send books to Kindle in the future, you need to go into your Amazon account and edit your Kindle email address. (Presumably they are asking you to edit your Kindle email address as proof you are the owner of the Amazon account.)

You should able to do this by clicking the link they provide in the email that says "Manage Your Content and Devices", or the equivalent in your language. (For more information about adding Leanpub as an Approved Sender in Kindle, if you haven't already done that, here are some instructions).

After you edit your Kindle email address in your Amazon account, you need to change it in Leanpub too. This is what they mean in the email when they say "be sure to notify your approved senders". You can do that here:

IF oyu'

Finally, if you're also looking for general help with Kindle, here is a link to our general Kindle help article.

In order to help people searching for help in this matter, we are going to paste in below the subject message in these emails in various languages:

Verifica tu documento Kindle

Überprüfen Sie Ihr Kindle-Dokument

Verifique seu documento Kindle


Verifique seu documento Kindle

Vérifiez votre document Kindle

Je Kindle-document verifiëren

Verificar tu documento Kindle

Verifica il tuo documento Kindle

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