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How do I set up my author profile?
How do I set up my author profile?

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After you have created your first book or course and verified your email address, you will see a number of author profile options here:

You can navigate to this page from anywhere on Leanpub by clicking in the menu at the top right, selecting "Account" at the top left of the menu box, and then selecting "Profile":

On that page you will see the various options we provide for setting up your author profile:

We highly recommend you upload a nice picture of yourself and add your social media information. This really helps sell books and courses!

We also highly recommend you choose a nice-looking username:

Sometimes authors choose funny-looking usernames, like lenipsum__4D14901CBA0142FCAD59C087CEB46BC4, if they were previously automatically assigned a username like anonymous_4D14901CBA0142FCAD59C087CEB46BC4. You don't need all those numbers!

After you add your information, make sure to click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

Here's an example of what an author profile page looks like, after you set it up:

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