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How can I read a Leanpub ebook? What apps or devices or e-readers do you recommend or support?
How can I read a Leanpub ebook? What apps or devices or e-readers do you recommend or support?

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How can I read a Leanpub ebook? What apps or devices or e-readers do you recommend or support?

There are tons and tons of apps and devices for reading ebooks in the world, with new ones coming into existence all the time, while existing devices and apps change with every software update, and others simply become obsolete or go out of business.

So, if you are looking for instructions on how to add a Leanpub ebook to an app or a device, we recommend you just do a quick internet search for instructions. You will probably find helpful instructions instantly, and better and more up-to-date instructions than we could ever provide.

However, we like to help people! So, in this Help Center article, we'll set out our position on recommended apps and devices for reading Leanpub ebooks. Please note that none of these recommendations are actually endorsements (with the exception of our own products of course!); these are just the most popular and stable ways to read a Leanpub ebook.

If you don't see your favorite app or device for reading ebooks in this article, that doesn't mean you can't use it to read a Leanpub book; but it does mean that we don't provide support help for it, if you happen to see a problem with a Leanpub ebook while using that app or device.

Before reading about our recommended apps, you might want to read this post about Leanpub ebook formats.

Ebook Reading Apps

Adobe Acrobat, by Adobe, or Preview, by Apple, for reading books available in the PDF format. The PDF format typically looks the best on computers, but you can't resize the fonts.

Books, by Apple, or Google Play Books, by Google, for reading books available in the EPUB format. Use this if you are reading on your phone, or if you want to be able to resize the fonts.

Chrome, by Google, or Safari, by Apple, for reading Leanpub books in an internet browser, where that feature is available.

Kindle, by Amazon, for reading books available in the MOBI format. Our books work in the Kindle app and on Kindle devices.


For mobile reading on a phone or a tablet, we recommend any of the smartphones and tablets available from the leading smartphone and tablet makers.

For reading on a computer, we recommend any computer that can smoothly and reliably run the app or apps you prefer to use when reading ebooks on your desktop or a laptop.

For reading on a dedicated e-reader, we don't want to make any specific recommendations. However, it's safest to pick an e-reader from one of the bigger and more stable companies that sell them.

Getting Leanpub Books Into Apps and Onto Devices

An Unfriendly Note About Someone Else's Product

We like to follow the usual professional rule about not singling out other people's products for criticism. However, we have noticed a number of issues reported to us from people who are using Adobe Digital Editions. Ironically, these have all been from authors who were testing their books, not from readers who were reading books. We've never heard any complaint from a reader using Adobe Digital Editions. We're not sure if these people exist, or if the entire user base of that product is people doing QA!

So, if you're an author who is testing your book: don't use Adobe Digital Editions. You may find issues, and when you report them to us, once we find out they are with Adobe Digital Editions, we will ignore them :)

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