Our ebooks do not have ISBNs*, and from what we have read (https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/country-guides/europe/italy/italian-vat-rates.html) the lower ebook VAT rate only applies to ebooks with ISBNs. Sorry!

*While it is technically possible for an author to purchase ISBNs for their ebook formats from third-parties, and to indicate this in the content of their book, we do not require ISBNs, we do not buy ISBNs for our books, we do not sell ISBNs to our authors, and if some author did go get an ISBN from somewhere and stuck it in their book we could not reliably determine its presence or validity in an automated fashion. As such, we just function as though all our ebooks do not have ISBNs and charge the normal VAT rate for Italy.

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