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Do all Leanpub books need to start as blogs?
Do all Leanpub books need to start as blogs?

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[Hi! This is a very old article, and we're just leaving it up here as a bit of history. In its very early days, Leanpub was more focused on people converting their blogs into books than we are now! - The Leanpub Team]

No! You can start from scratch, or from any content (that you own!) that has an RSS feed. Any content with an RSS feed can be imported into Leanpub. This includes different blogging platforms (LiveJournal, Blogger, Typepad, etc) and microblogging platforms (Twitter, etc). Or, you can start from scratch and write the entire book on Leanpub. If you import your RSS feed, what happens is that each RSS feed entry (blog post) turns into a file in your Dropbox folder.

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