Readers love book sales, but as an author it can be a lot of work to keep offering discounts regularly. So, we've built a feature that lets you opt in to letting Leanpub offer occasional discounts for your book to potential customers. All you have to do is set the maximum discount percentage you'll allow Leanpub to offer, and we'll take it from there.

If you choose to opt in, from time to time we will offer discounted sales of your book in various ways, including on social media and in our reader newsletter, which reaches thousands of readers, and elsewhere. You can opt out any time if you change your mind.

This feature is entirely optional, and it does NOT change your royalty rate. You can opt in to it by going to the "Leanpub Discounts" page under "Selling & Royalties" in your Book Tools menu for your book. This is set individually for each book (and each package, if you have made one or more packages).

This is still a new feature, and we have not yet built any special reporting or notifications for revenue that comes from the discount promotions that we arrange. However, each promotion we arrange will be associated with a coupon, so you can track any sales transparently on your book's "Coupons" page. You can find the "Coupons" page under "Selling & Royalties" in your Book Tools menu.

If you have any questions or have any suggestions for new ways we can help market Leanpub books, please let us know!

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