Our token system was initiated because one of the following things happened:

  1. The security system which separates human users from bot attackers could not figure out if you were human or a bot. (We use reCAPTCHA v3, by Google. If you have JavaScript disabled or certain ad blockers enabled, this can cause reCAPTCHA to get confused.) 
  2. The email address you used to try to make the purchase has been used previously to make a Leanpub purchase.

If you check your email, you should see an email from Leanpub containing a short string of characters. If you copy this "token", then you can paste it into the screen where you are being told about the token. Then, you can log in to Leanpub and complete your purchase.

Alternatively, you can ignore the token and sign in to Leanpub. You can do that here: https://leanpub.com/login.

Here's how this works: we automatically create an account for you when you first purchase a Leanpub book, and we create a library for you at https://leanpub.com/user_dashboard/library. This is done so that you can always access the download links for latest version of all the books you buy, all from one place.

If you've never set a password for your account, you can do this using the "Forgot Password?" link on our login page: https://leanpub.com/login. Once you are logged in, you'll be able to go to your Leanpub Library.

Once you have logged in, you can make a purchase as you normally would.

(By the way, if you're wondering why we require you to sign in to your account, the reason is simple: We don't want to give someone who is not you access to your account.  So, if you're not signed in, and are using an account email address to purchase, and that email address already belongs to a Leanpub account, we ensure you sign in to that account. This way, someone else can't just get access to your account by buying you a book :)

Finally, if you read the above stuff about reCAPTCHA and thought "but I didn't solve any captchas, either the fuzzy text kind or the click fire hydrants and storefronts kind": the fuzzy text type of captcha is the original kind. The identify pictures kind is reCAPTCHA v2. The type of captcha used in reCAPTCHA v3 is done with no need to click on pictures or decode text. Instead, Google just makes a guess, based on various factors. Google is pretty smart.

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