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How Do I Add My Book, Bundle, or Course to the List of Products That Can Be Included In Leanpub's Weekly and Monthly Email Newsletter Sales?
How Do I Add My Book, Bundle, or Course to the List of Products That Can Be Included In Leanpub's Weekly and Monthly Email Newsletter Sales?
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One of the easiest ways to boost you sales on Leanpub is to opt your product in to being included in discount sales offered by Leanpub!

Currently, the two regular discount sales we offer are through our Weekly Sale, and through our Monthly Sale.

For more information on this topic, and the details of how books that are included in a newsletter sale are also surfaced as being on sale in readers' Leanpub Wish Lists, please see this article.

How to Opt In to Leanpub Discount Sales

You can add opt any book, bundle, or course into our sales on the pricing page for each book, bundle, or course.

You can find the pricing page for any Leanpub book here:

...making sure to replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique web address.

You can also find the "...." page on your book's "Overview" page:

On that page, you will see something like this:

For a bundle, the pricing page is here:

For a course, the pricing page is here:

... and you would navigate to the bundle and course pricing pages similarly to how you would get there for a book.

On the pricing page for your book, bundle, or course, you will see a box that says "MAXIMUM LEANPUB DISCOUNT %":

Enter a number here, and click the blue "Update Pricing" button. Then, your book will be eligible to be included in a Leanpub sale:

The maximum percentage discount is applied to your product's minimum price. For example, if your book has a minimum price of $20.00 and you set the maximum percentage discount to 50%, then we can offer your book for a discounted price as low as $10.00.

For more details about how all of this works, please see this article.

Please note that a lot of books that have been opted in to the newsletter sales, and opting in is not a guarantee that your book will be included in any given sale, sorry about that!

Just to be really clear, while opting in to discount sales is a necessary step to be potentially included in our discount sales, we also cannot make any guarantees about if or when any particular book will be included in a sale, as there are many books that have opted in.

A Note About Leanpub Pricing and Discounts

Leanpub books can be priced at a minimum price of free or $7.99 (and then all the way up to $500), but you can't price them anywhere in between free and $7.99, like $1.99 or $2.99.

Sponsored Deals

You can buy a "sponsored deal" spot for your books in our newsletters, by purchasing a spot on the Shelf here.

Sponsored deal links are shown at the top of the list of deals in each newsletter.

To find out more, please see this article.

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