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My author profile on Leanpub won't update when I change it. What can I do?
My author profile on Leanpub won't update when I change it. What can I do?

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Quick summary: If you can't update your author profile page, it's probably because you have a web browser extension or add-on that is blocking it.

To fix the issue, try disabling your extensions or add-ons, or using a different web browser with no installed extensions or add-ons.

Your Leanpub Author Profile Page

When you publish a book on Leanpub, you can set up an author profile page, like this:

Ebenezer Don's Leanpub author profile page

You can upload a picture, add a youTube video, link to social media profiles, and more.

You can do this all from your profile page here:

Here's what this page looks like:

To update the page, fill in any of the fields you like, and then click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

What Happens When the Page Fails to Update

If there is a problem updating your page, you may see an error message that says "There was a problem saving your profile." like this:

There was a problem saving your profile

When that happens, it means your changes were not saved, and your profile was not updated.

What To Do If You See the Error "There was a problem saving your profile."

If you see this error, the best thing to do is to either:

a) disable any web browser extensions you have installed, or:

b) use a different web browser that you don't normally use, and that you haven't added any add-ons or extensions to.

You will probably find b) to be easier, though you will have to sign in to your Leanpub account in the other web browser, of course.

What To Do If This Doesn't Work

If you try a) and b) and they both don't work, please email the team at from your Leanpub account email address and let them know.

If you share with them the exact changes you want to make, they will try to make the changes for you as they test the issue.

If you have any feedback or questions about this article, please email the Leanpub team about it at!

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