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What happened to the monthly and annual plans?
What happened to the monthly and annual plans?

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What happened to the monthly and annual plans?

What happened is that PayPal recently changed an API we were using to choose the subscription in JavaScript, which has affected a number of people (

We're going to either fix this or switch to Stripe for subscriptions, but in the meantime, we've disabled the ability to purchase the monthly and annual plans and just kept the lifetime and one year (non-recurring) plan.

To buy a lifetime (Reader, Standard or Pro) membership, go here:

To buy a one year non-recurring Reader membership, go here and add one of these Free With Membership books to your cart (we will then add a One Year reader membership to the cart as well):

All of us are working hard to ship some new features for all our authors, so we're going to leave our subscriptions in this unfortunate state for at least a few weeks until our new features are shipped...

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