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I have some published and unpublished upload mode books. How do I buy Leanpub Author Services for them?
I have some published and unpublished upload mode books. How do I buy Leanpub Author Services for them?
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For a book to have the Leanpub Author Services, it must be...

1. published
2. the percent complete must be 100%
3. the mode must not be Upload mode, unless Leanpub has made an exception for a high-earning book (by default, Leanpub Author Services only works for books where Leanpub generates the PDF and EPUB)

The reason for this decision is that ideally we want there to be some consistency in the interior formatting of Leanpub Author Services books, and this is only possible if the book is generated on Leanpub, instead of being a PDF or EPUB upload book.

So, unfortunately, if you only have Upload mode books, these typically cannot use Leanpub Author Services. (Now, if you're earning a lot of money with an Upload mode book, we may make an exception here!)

Now, if you want to use Leanpub Author Services with your Upload mode books, what you should do is the following:

  1. Email us to ask if we will make an exception.

  2. We will evaluate the formatting of the PDF and/or EPUB and decide whether we will do so, and which formats (hardcover, paperback, Kindle) we would produce.

  3. We will reply to you and let you know the outcome of #2.

If we require that the book be converted to using Leanpub to generate it, then what you would currently need to do is:

1. convert the manuscript to using Markdown, preview it so that you're happy with the content, and then publish it
2. go to
3. choose the Leanpub Author Service you want
4. pick that book from the dropdown menu
5. click Add to Cart

At some point we might offer an enhanced version of Leanpub Author Services where we do this conversion for the author, as part of the service. The pricing of this would be hard to figure out, however, since the length of books varies so widely, and since authors may or
may not be happy with what Leanpub books look like in their interior formatting.

So, if you are interested in us doing the conversion for you, can you do me a favour? If we do offer such a service at some point, can email and let us know...

a) the URL of your book
b) the Leanpub Author Service you had wanted to purchase (Light, Standard, Pro)
b) what you consider a fair price for the service, with it including the work to convert it into Markdown

(This price should include the price of the Leanpub Author Service, which is currently between $99 and $399.)

I'm not sure if and when we'll do this, but it helps me to gauge demand and see whether it's worth doing.

Kind regards,

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