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Does Leanpub do any advertising for my book? Will Leanpub market my book?
Does Leanpub do any advertising for my book? Will Leanpub market my book?
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We promote individual books in various ways. For example, we feature books and bundles on our home page, giving them special visibility. We also promote books in email newsletters and on social media. (For information about getting your book featured, please go here.)

We also have an invitation-only general interest podcast, where we interview authors at length about their biographies, their careers, their expertise and opinions, and their experience self-publishing.

However, we do not currently do any paid advertising for Leanpub books, like promoting an author's book through a paid ad on Facebook (though we do sometimes advertise Leanpub itself through paid ads).

There are lots of ways to market your book or books and you can find lots of advice if you look online.

The usual things like blogging, tweeting and having a Facebook presence can all help book sales. One thing that also works well is making coupons and contriving your own promotions by, for example, reducing the minimum price of your book for a limited amount of time. Getting to the top of our bestseller lists can also help, as you can then promote that as well. 

One way to think about  Leanpub is that it is a way to monetize your existing blog subscribers or Twitter followers, and your online audience generally. Many of them are probably looking for a way to give you money for content you have already written.

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