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How can I add a web link to an image?
How can I add a web link to an image?

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In Markua, you add an image to a book like this:

![A Piece of Cake](cake.jpg)

In this example, the filename of the image is cake.jpg, and the caption is A Piece of Cake.

If you don't want a caption, you can just leave the space between the square brackets [ ] empty, like this:


...but please remember, you always need to include the square brackets!

Also in Markua, you can link words or sentences to a web page, like this:

[A Piece of Cake.](

In this example, the web page address is, and the words that will be formatted as a clickable link are A Piece of Cake.

Normally, wouldn't make a whole sentence into a link, but you would instead to something like this:

My favorite part of birthday parties is when you get to eat [a piece of cake.](

Now, this next bit is a bit mind-bending at first, but basically, to make an image a link, you put the image syntax in the first example above, inside the link syntax in the second example above, like this:

[![A Piece of Cake](cake.jpg)](

Here is an image showing the part of the line that is the image syntax:

If we blur out the image syntax, you can see how it is now inside the link syntax:

Here's an example you can copy and paste, to try it in your own manuscript:

[![A Piece of Cake](cake.jpg)](

OK, that's it!

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