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How can I contact a Leanpub author?
How can I contact a Leanpub author?

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How can I contact a Leanpub author?

Leanpub is a publishing platform popular with self-published authors, who own their own copyright and are responsible for their own content.

Typically Leanpub authors welcome questions and feedback about their work! It helps them understand what people are thinking, and often helps them improve their books or courses for everyone.

Leanpub authors especially like hearing about the little things, like typos, or bigger things, like their writing schedule, and when they plan to finish their book, if they're publishing it in-progress.

To contact a Leanpub author, please go to the web page on Leanpub where you found their book. Then, scroll down and click the "Email the Author(s)" link, which will look like this:

Please note that some authors are more private than others, or simply don't want to be contacted through Leanpub, so they may disable this feature.

If you don't see that link, or you don't get a reply to your email, you can try contacting the author some other way!

For example, many Leanpub authors share their email address near the beginning of their book, and also share their social media links on their Leanpub profile pages.

Here is an article that explains various ways to contact a Leanpub author:

OK, that's it!

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