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How do Courses and Course Tracks work?
How do Courses and Course Tracks work?

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Leanpub offers individual courses as well as groups of courses called "Tracks".

In this article we're going to try to explain a little bit about how they work, particularly given the fact that Leanpub courses (like Leanpub books) can be published in-progress, while the author is still writing them.

This means, for example, that a Leanpub author can publish a new version of a course while you're still working on it yourself!

What happens if a new version of a course is published since a learner bought a course or course Track? Will they start the newest version?

Each Course has a number of "attempts". When you submit a course to get your grade, that uses up one "attempt".

Whenever you start a course, you are doing the most recent version of the course.

If a new version of the course is published while you are doing the course, you are switched to the new version of the course immediately

So, "versions" isn't really accurate: if a course attempt is in-progress, you're always stuck on the latest version, whether you like it or not. It's not like you, the course taker or "learner", have the right to complete the course "as you started it".

This means if the number of quizzes increases, you need to do the new ones, etc.

Now, if you submit a course "attempt", then your course attempt is complete, and it doesn't matter whether the course author later increases or decrease the number of questions, quizzes, etc: your mark is your mark. (If you start a new course attempt, however, it's on the latest version of the course.)

In terms of Tracks, the way to think of a Track is just as a bundle of Courses, plus a certificate for completing all the courses in the Track. So, the rules for an individual course still apply to the Track itself.

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