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Can I transfer primary control of a book from myself to someone else?
Can I transfer primary control of a book from myself to someone else?

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Yes. Every Leanpub product has a "Primary Author" who is essentially in control of the product on Leanpub.

We would recommend you read our Terms of Service, particularly section 15, "Primary Authors and Co-Authors". Here is a link to our Terms of Service:

A Primary Author can transfer their Primary Author status to another person who has a Leanpub account.

In order to change the Primary Author to someone else, you will first need to add them as a co-author on each of the books.

Once they accept their co-author invitations, you can actually make them the Primary Author yourself, on the same page where you sent the co-author invitation. (You'll see the "Make Primary" option to do this after they've been added.)

Here are the instructions for adding a co-author to a book:

Hopefully none of the screenshots there are too outdated!

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