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I'm producing a print book. Can Leanpub help me?
I'm producing a print book. Can Leanpub help me?

I'm happy to pay you to produce it for me.

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While we do produce print-ready PDFs and InDesign exports, we don't produce print books for people. We are a startup, and being a startup means you need to focus. Sorry.

Our recommendation is to either:

  1. Use our Print-Ready PDF export feature and then use that PDF on places like Lulu or CreateSpace.

  2. Use our InDesign export feature, and give those files to a designer.

We do not provide technical support on our InDesign export feature.  The files should serve as decent raw materials for a designer, but you should assume that there will be a lot of work involved to make a finished book using InDesign.

The Print-Ready PDF export feature works in a similar way to ebooks on Leanpub. Note, however, that while Leanpub makes the entire ebook, it only makes the entire interior of a print-ready PDF. You still need to add your own wraparound cover on sites like Lulu or CreateSpace. We do, however, do nice things like alternate margins (to make the inner ones bigger), and we also do not add a cover page, since you will be doing that yourself.

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