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What do you do to make an ebook when an author uploads a PDF?
What do you do to make an ebook when an author uploads a PDF?

I see you have an "Upload" workflow which supports PDF and EPUB upload, but I don't understand how that makes a book.

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When you upload a PDF, we do not do any processing on it.  We simply sell your PDF.

The same is true with EPUB uploads via our "Upload" writing mode. Our Upload workflow is exactly that: you make the book, we sell it.

When you use our book generation workflow, then we output an ebook in PDF and EPUB (and HTML for reading online), like the many you see in our store here:

If you want a representative example of what one of these books looks like, you can download R Programming for Data Science for free from

(You can also buy it for money, of course -- it's a great book!)

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