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How do I get Leanpub books on my Kindle, or into the Kindle app on my phone or tablet?
How do I get Leanpub books on my Kindle, or into the Kindle app on my phone or tablet?

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How do I get Leanpub books on my Kindle, or into the Kindle app on my phone or tablet?

There are a number of ways to get Leanpub books onto Kindle!

Here are some links to the different sections in this article:

Using the Send to Kindle Link for a Book in Your Leanpub Library

In many cases you can simply use Leanpub's own Send to Kindle feature.

You can find instructions for setting this up on your Kindle Settings page.

Once you have followed the instructions, when you select a book in your Leanpub library, you may see the Send to Kindle link, like this:

Note that this feature only works if the Leanpub book has a EPUB version, and if the EPUB file isn't too big (i.e. over 49 MB). That being said, most Leanpub books have an EPUB version, and aren't too big!

To read a Leanpub book that is over 49 MB on Kindle, you need to download the EPUB file manually from your Leanpub library onto your computer. You can then use Amazon's Send to Kindle App.

To learn how to get a file larger than 50 MB into the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, please read this blog post.

[On a side note: here are some instructions for adding PDF files to Kindle:]

Open the Purchase Email from Leanpub on Your Device and Click the .EPUB File Download Link

The easiest way to get a Leanpub book available in the .EPUB format onto any device is to open the receipt email for your purchase on your device, and then just click on the link for the .EPUB version of the book in the email. This will download the .EPUB to your device, and if all works well, it will open automatically in the Kindle app.

You can also do this by clicking on the link for the .EPUB version if you sign in to Leanpub on your device and select the book in your Leanpub library.

Amazon's Send to Kindle App

After you download the .EPUB file for the ebook from your Leanpub library, you can use Amazon's Send to Kindle app to send the .EPUB file to Kindle.

Adding a Book to Kindle via USB

If you download the .EPUB file to your computer, you can then connect your Kindle (or another device, like an Android device with the Kindle app) to your computer via USB, and then manually copy or drag the .EPUB file for the book from your computer onto your device.

Verify your Kindle document

If you try to send an ebook from Leanpub to Kindle, you may get an email with the subject "Verify your Kindle document". Here is a link to another article in our Help Center about that.

If you're still having trouble

If none of these methods work for you, the best thing to do is look for support on Amazon.

Here is a link to their support forum:

OK, that's it!

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