First, our authors own their work, so they can sell their books wherever they want--including Amazon, the iBookstore or Google Play.

However, we don't directly sell Leanpub books on Amazon, the iBookstore or Google Play, for three reasons:

  1. Many Leanpub books are published in-progress, and all their readers get free updates automatically. This would be really cumbersome for us or the author to do using third party stores. Also, an in-progress book is a community, and the best community is not fragmented across a number of stores, but is in one place.
  2. We pay our authors 90% minus 50 cents of the price paid by the
    reader in royalties per sale, which is 80% on a $5 book purchase, 85% on a $10 book purchase and 87.5% on a $20 ebook purchase. By contrast, we would earn about 70% on a $5 ebook purchase from Amazon and similar stores, and 35% on a $10 or $20 ebook purchase from Amazon, 70% from Apple on those purchases, and something similar from Google. So, even before we earned any money ourselves, our authors would be far worse off.
  3. We have a generous 45-day refund policy.  Since we run our own
    storefront, we can have terms like this which we control, as opposed
    to being at the whims of a third-party store.
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