If your ebook file is too big to use Send to Kindle, it can be tricky to add the ebook to Kindle.

Below are some approaches that may work. Please note that since Kindle is an Amazon product, not a Leanpub product, we can't provide real support for it, just advice!

Adding a Book to a Kindle Device from Your Computer

If you download the EPUB file to your computer, you can then connect your Kindle device to your computer via USB. Your Kindle device will then appear as a drive on your computer. You can then copy or drag the EPUB file for the book from your computer onto your Kindle device.

Download the Kindle App to Your Phone or Tablet, and Download the EPUB File from Your Leanpub Library, or Your Leanpub Purchase Email

When you buy a Leanpub ebook, you get an email with download links, and you can also download the ebook file from your Leanpub library here:

If you have installed the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, then, on your phone or tablet, if you can click the EPUB download link from your purchase email or your Leanpub library, that may let you open the file in the Kindle app.

If you can open the file in the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, then the next time you open your actual Kindle device, it should sync the file, and you'll have it on your Kindle device.

The Indirect Approach

There are some indirect ways of getting an EPUB file onto Kindle. Basically, the idea is if you can get the file on your phone or tablet with a file sharing service, and then open the file on your phone or tablet with the Kindle app installed, you may be able to open the file in the Kindle app on your device.

For example, while the screenshots on the following post are long outdated, the general approach of using Dropbox or some other file sharing service may work:

Google It!

There are numberous posts on the web from similarly frustrated Kindle users out there that may help. Here's a decent one:

If you're still having trouble

If none of these methods work for you, the best thing to do is look for support on Amazon.

Here is a link to their support forum:

Apparently, you can try compressing the EPUB file to a ZIP file, and then use Send to Kindle, according to this forum post from an Amazon Staff member:

We hope that helps!

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