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Leanpub authors can sell their books wherever they want. In particular, we encourage all Leanpub authors to also sell their books on Amazon KDP and Apple once the books are done. We think both those channels are too important to ignore. (Using the Leanpub store isn't even a requirement, let alone an exclusive requirement. It's possible for an author to make their book on Leanpub and sell it elsewhere without us earning anything, and we're fine with that.)

We want you to use our store in addition to any others that you use because it's better, not because you're forced to. Our hypothesis is that the experience of using our store while your book is in-progress will be enough to convince you to continue using it (and direct your Twitter followers and/or blog subscribers there) once your book is finished, regardless of what other storefronts you use. Our variable price feature means we're a more profitable choice than even our really good royalty rates would lead you to believe...

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