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I just bought a membership. Why can't I use it to get a book for free?
I just bought a membership. Why can't I use it to get a book for free?

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Getting free books is the main benefit of a Reader Membership!

Which book or books are you referring to? If they are Free With Membership or Free For Everyone, then you should be able to get them for free...

All Reader Memberships get you any of the books which are Free With
Membership. This is shown on their landing pages, and you can also see
a list of them here:

We also have a number of books which are free for everyone, regardless
of membership:

The combined list is here:

Not all books are free with membership: authors set their minimum and
suggested prices, and they also choose whether their books can be
gotten for free with a Reader Membership (or even without one). This
is described more here:

We link to this page from our "Support Leanpub!" section on free
purchases. Now, if there was a misunderstanding and you thought that
every Leanpub book was free with a Reader Membership, we're happy to
give you a refund on your membership. Just let us know, and we'll be
happy to help.

Thanks again for supporting Leanpub, and for being a Leanpub reader!

Kind regards,

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