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How do I switch to the Upload writing mode?
How do I switch to the Upload writing mode?

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How do I switch to the Upload writing mode?

To switch your book's writing mode to the "Upload" writing mode, you need to go to your book's "Writing Mode" page.

To switch writing modes for your book, go here:

...making sure to replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique web address.

You can also find the Writing Mode page on the Overview page for your book here:

Tick the box next to "Upload: By uploading ebook files directly (PDF and/or EPUB)"

After you have ticked the box, click on the "Update Book" button:

For a moment, you will see a message saying "Changing Writing Mode":

When the process completes, you will be taken to the "Getting Started" page for the "Upload" writing mode:

To upload your PDF or EPUB file, click on the "please click here" link:

That will take you to your book's "Upload" page, where you can upload your PDF or EPUB files:

At this point, we recommend you take a few minutes to go through our tutorial for the Upload writing mode:

This will show you everything you need to do to finish setting up your book and publishing it on Leanpub!

OK, that's it!

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