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I'm having an issue with Google Analytics. What can I do?
I'm having an issue with Google Analytics. What can I do?

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We're sorry you're having trouble using Google Analytics to track activity related to your Leanpub books or courses. Hopefully this article will help.

First, please note that Google Analytics is a great tool, but it has lots of moving parts, and it changes constantly, and it can take time for it to process some data.

So, if you're seeing a discrepancy in Google Analytics, if you wait a day or two, it may just get resolved automatically, if you look at what will by that time be historical data.

If you have an ongoing issue that you cannot resolve, we recommend you use Analytics Help to try to find a solution:

You can also contact their support team here:

In case you have not found it already, here is the post from the Leanpub Help Center about setting up Google Analytics, which may also help:

Finally, if you are really stuck, you can also try reaching out to our Authors Forum here:

If you share as many details of your issue as you can in your post on the Authors Forum (screenshots really help!), you may find that other authors in our community have encountered the same issue, and they (or we!) may be able to help.

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