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How much does Leanpub cost for authors to use?
How much does Leanpub cost for authors to use?
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[This article was last updated on February 4, 2019. If you think this article needs improvement or updating, please contact us by clicking the little icon at the bottom right of your browser!]

Leanpub is based on a "Freemium" model, which means authors can use it for free, but we also have paid plans with extra features.

When you create a book or you create a course on Leanpub, by default, you will see options for three plans: Free, Standard, and Pro, like this:

(Please note these plans may be updated at any time, and may not exactly match the screenshots in this article.)

If you select a writing mode that is not supported by the Free plan, you will only see the Standard and Pro options, like this:

For a really long explanation of our pricing decisions, please go here:

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