[2020-04-23: Please note this Leanpub Help Center article is being published in progress!]

If you have a Standard or Pro account on Leanpub, you can choose from amongst a range of fonts if you select the Custom theme option on your Book Theme page here:


...making sure to replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique address.

Below we will set our screenshots of examples of the various fonts. In each example we will show both a title font example and a body font example.

These fonts will be shown in the order they are shown when you click the menu to select a title or body font, and since that order is currently not alphabetical, neither is the order of examples here. Sorry about that! We intend to fix this.

Merriweather (Serif)

Cousine (Mono)

Lora (Serif)

Droid Serif

Luculent (Mono)

Clear Sans

Lato (Sans)

PT Mono

PT Serif

PT Sans

Anonymous Pro (Mono)

Crimson Text (Serif)

Droid Sans

Linux Libertine (Serif)

Open Sans

Source Sans Pro

Source Code Pro (Mono)

Deja Vu Sans

Deja Vu Mono

Deja Vu Serif

APL 385 (Mono)

Hack (Mono)

Noto Serif

Noto Mono



Noto Sans

IBM Plex Sans

IBM Plex Serif

IBM Plex Mono

Literata Book (Serif)

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