As an author, you already are supporting Leanpub by writing and publishing with us.

However, if you are one of our long time authors who has just read our recent "A New Course for Leanpub" essay ( and you wish to do something specific, there are three things you can consider doing:

  1. Make a course out of one of your books.  Just make a git branch of one of your books, add some quizzes and exercises to it, set it as the repo for a new course and click publish.  See for the Markua spec for making courses, and see for an example course.
  2. Opt in to our new 80% royalty rate for one, some or all of your
    existing books.  This is done on a per-book basis currently, at for each book.  This may also
    give each book a free shelf spot of varying lengths, since any book
    which has earned at least $100 gets a free shelf spot for a certain
    amount of time when it is opted in to the 80% rate.  (We need to build
    an "opt all my books in" page.)
  3. Or, instead of #2, just buy a shelf spot for one or more of your books at :)

Thanks very much to all our authors who have supported us over the years!

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