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How can I create deep links from one section of a course to another?
How can I create deep links from one section of a course to another?

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You can link from one section of a course to another using crosslinks.

Here is an example of two course sections written in Markua, where one section has a crosslink to the beginning of another section:

# About MOOCs and Markua

You can find some useful information on creating a course or MOOC [here](

To go to the next section, [click here](#crosslink1).

# Multiple Files vs One File

You can write using one file, like this one, or using multiple files.

To add a new file to your course, create a new file in the same place you'll find this file.

The crosslink you click in the course is written like this in Markua:

[click here](#crosslink1)

The crosslink destination you'll go to is written like this:


So, in the course you would see this:

When you click the "click here" link, you will go here:

That's it!

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