You can do this as follows:

  1. Buy a multiple copy purchase, specifying the number of copies you want to buy.  To do this, you add the item to your shopping cart, then click the Edit link on the Review stage of the checkout, and specify the number of copies you want to buy.

  2. Go to the Pending Tokens tab after the purchase is complete, to copy the tokens.  To get there, click the link which says "Click here to manage your download tokens".  Here's an example of some tokens:


  3. These tokens can be printed out and sold.  Send recipients to, e.g.

Note that tokens can be emailed, and thus have a recipient email.  However, they do not have to.  You can give out tokens without ever emailing them to anyone first.

If you are selling printed tokens, these tokens will not have a recipient email.  Instead, the first person who uses the token gets to redeem it.

You can see the status of each individual token, and whether it has been redeemed.

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