To get started, please follow this link and click the blue button that says "Create A Book Now". After creating an account, you will be presented with six options to get started:

- In a Dropbox folder on my computer
- In my browser on Leanpub
- By uploading a Word document (.docx only)
- Using Git and GitHub
- Using Git and Bitbucket
- Bring your own book

If you have already written much of your book in Word in the .docx format, "By uploading a Word document (.docx only)" might be the best option for you. Please note that this feature is rather new and may still be a little confusing. Using this method, whenever you want to make a new version of your book, you would upload the latest version of your manuscript in Word.

You might also want to try "In a Dropbox folder on my computer". That way, if you have a Dropbox account (it is free to get one if you do not), you will have a new folder set up on your computer that you are sharing with Leanpub. Next, you put all your Word .docx files in the manuscript folder in the book's Dropbox folder, and then type out the file names for your Word files in the file called Book.txt, and save the change. Then, when you are on the internet in the Book Tools menu for your book on Leanpub, you can click a button to make a "Preview" of the book that only you can see, so you can make changes.

Both of these options are meant mostly for people writing standard fiction books, so there are not a lot of formatting options available, as we explain here.

It takes a little doing to get set up and to understand Leanpub, but once you do, it's like you've got a magic typewriter: you write in Word on your computer and save your changes like usual, and then all you have to do is click a button in Leanpub and you can make ebooks, and even update a published version that is for sale in our online bookstore.

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